« I passed the French DELF B2 exam in 2020 thanks in large part to the help and guidance of Carole. Her experience and in-depth knowledge of the French language and culture shines through in every class we have. I was very confident for the B2 exam as we had already covered a lot of that ground in our classes over the previous year or so. If and when I decide to go for the C1 exam, I’ll seek Carole’s help again.

Carole has lots of experience with students from all over the world and she is very used to dealing with English native speakers, having a very good level of English herself. She has great tips and advice to correct any pronunciation or written phrasing issues. And cherry on the cake, the classes are great fun too! » Kevin, Ireland

I had the chance to prepare my DELF B2 with Carole and I have to say I was really lucky. She is such a nice and happy person and studying with her was fun and interesting. It’s easy to learn while you have a nice time and she always makes you comfortable, even when you make the biggest mistake! With her help the exam wasn’t hard at all because

 I knew what to expect and how to deal with it. Thank you Carole! 


Before meeting Carole, I did not feel ready to face the examination of the Dalf C1. Thanks to her and her lessons dispensed  with a big clarity, I was able to acquire trust in me.

Carole learnt me to work in a structurer and constructive way, all this in a a very nice and warm atmosphere. Without her I would never have been able to reach the note of 86.5/100

Thanks Carole!

                       Francesca, Italy

Even though I had a reasonable grasp of grammar and a fair vocabulary, I was not really prepared for the C1 examination.

Carole walked me through all the techniques needed to achieve a much better result than I had ever believed possible.

Thank you Carole. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Tim Robson, Northern Ireland

I must thank Carole for opening my eyes clearly to what was required to pass the DALF C1 exam. Although I had bought the relevant texts and read all the guidance on the exam, Carole explained clearly what the examiners were looking for, and I could never have found this out in any other way. Although I was only taking the exam as a way of progressing my French in general (I always need an objective to really push myself), I found that preparing for the C1 exam really helped improve my French and especially my confidence in speaking French. At times, the going was tough! However, with Carole’s continuous encouragement and honest and professionnal feedback, I passed the exam in June this year. I felt that, despite my oral French being my weakness, that this was the skill I developped most with Carole’s help. I have had, over the years, various language tutors in French, Spanish and Italian, and I must say that I found Carole to be the most honest, committed and enthusiastic tutor ever. She obviously enjoys her job.

Thank you so much, Carole.
                    Shirley, Scotland

Private lessons with Carole give the ability and confidence to deal with day-to-day situation in my work as a family doctor in a French only clinic here in Canada.

                    Nasima, Canada