I’m Carole Hus. I’m French and I have been teaching French as a Foreign Language for more than fifteen years. I have had the opportunity of travelling a lot and I have finally settled down in Montpellier, a bustling and vibrant city situated in the South of France.

I hold Masters degrees in French as a Foreign Language and English and I am a DELF-DALF national examiner as well as a designer of DELF-DALF exams.

My French teaching experience includes:

French language schools in Montpellier, business teaching in companies such as Zendesk and French e-learning courses.

 University of sciences in Montpellier. IEFE university Paul Valery in Montpellier, France.

Alliances Françaises in Ireland, Mexico and Spain.

University College of Cork, Ireland

French language school in Nice, France.

Aki company and Centre metalurgic, Sabadell in Spain. Kerry Foods, Charleville in Ireland

Primary and secondary schools in the UK, Ireland and Mexico.

Twelve years ago, I became a 

free-lance teacher.

I intend to offer you help, advice and guidance related to the DELF and DALF exams so that you can pass them with success.

My experience has already helped many students from all over the world to obtain the diploma and to be proud of it and I hope to help you do the same.