First of all, let’s have a look at the usefulness and competence level of the DELF B2 (diplôme d’études en langue française).

The DELF B2 is a certification delivered by the French Ministry of Education and is recognised as fulfilling French language entrance requirements by the French universities. The DELF B2 is therefore designed to offer a high-level qualification in the language to those wishing to use French for professional or study purposes.

The DELF B2 corresponds to the CEFR B2 describing the candidate as an independent user (CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

According to the CEFR, the candidate can follow or give a talk on a familiar topic or keep up a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics. He can construct arguments to defend his opinion, explain his point of view and negotiate.He can scan texts for relevant information and understand detailed instructions or advice. He can make notes while someone is talking or write a letter including non-standard requests.


The DELF B2 requires a good level of language competence which is tested within a rigorous framework. Moreover, it requires a fairly good knowledge of cultural and social French matters. In addition, you are expected to understand the way French people submit an exam, which can be very different from what you are used to in your own country.

If you have already passed the DELF B1, you may have a fairly good knowledge of the exam strategies, but there is a substantial difference between B1 and B2. As a matter of fact, the candidate has a degree of fluency and spontaneity in interactions and is capable  of correcting his own mistakes. Nonetheless, we still find the four language proficiencies of reading, writing, listening and speaking, each worth 25 marks of the 100 total marks. You need to score 50 marks to achieve a pass grade and a minimum of 5 out of 25 in each paper. 


Il y a trois épreuves collectives où d’autres candidats passent en même temps l’épreuve, dans la même salle.
Et une épreuve individuelle où chaque candidat est seul devant 2 examinateurs.

Chaque épreuve est sur 25 points.
Pour obtenir le diplôme, je dois avoir au minimum 50 points sur 100.
Je dois avoir au minimum 5 points sur 25 par épreuve.
Une note en dessous de 5 points sur 25 dans une épreuve est éliminatoire !


  Épreuves collectivesDurée
 co.pngCompréhension de l’oral : 3 exercices
Écouter des documents et répondre à des questions.
30 minutes
 ce.pngCompréhension des écrits : 3 exercices
Lire des documents et répondre à des questions.
1 heure
 pe.pngProduction écrite : 1 exercice
Écrire 1 texte de 250 mots minimum.
1 heure
  Épreuve individuelleDurée
 po-.pngProduction orale : 2 parties
Monologue suivi / Exercice en interaction
20 minutes
Préparation de 30 minutes